Ministry of Environmental Protection
State geological subsoil of Ukraine
NJSC "Nadra of Ukraine"


About us

Enterprise "UkrNaukaGeoCenter" carries out a full range of research, production and thematic works, geological exploration works for oil and gas, both traditional and non-traditional types of deposits (shale gas, gas seals, gas (methane) of coal fields and etc.):

  • geological and geophysical information analysis;
  • substantiation of perspective subsoil sites;
  • drawing up of business projects;
  • designing of wells construction and arrangement of fields;
  • geological and economic substantiation of promising directions of the EW (exploration works);
  • geological and economic assessment of hydrocarbon reserves and resources;
  • construction of geological and technological models of fields;
  • industrial wells research.

The scientific center has:

  • highly experienced slate of internal talent;
  • more than 80 years experience in the sphere of oil and gas geology;
  • actual geological fund material;
  • storage for core material;
  • production building and modern laboratory equipment;
  • computing center;

Our work is based on close cooperation with leading oil and gas academic institutes and foreign companies using modern technologies and scientific and technical achievements.

Directions of geological perspectives:

  • deposits at high depths (5.0 - 7.0 km);
  • reef carbonate sedimentary complexes of the southern and northern cutoff parts of the DDD compacted oil and gas-saturated rock-collectors (siltstones, sandstones, limestones);
  • lithologically sealed and incongruous traps;
  • stock zone;
  • gas of non-traditional deposits.